Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis
Soundscape Presents 1996

"Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis" presents 17 songs written by Ivan in the years 1993-1996. The songs range from folky fingerpicking to moody rock to fiddle-powered funk. The players include Ivan on vox, guitars, piano, organ, etc., Meyer Horn on drums, Dan Seiden on lead guitar, Roberto Ruiz on bass, Clarence Ferrari on fiddle and mandolin, Mairi Dorman on cello and additional help from Dave Bush, Cathie Martino, Rachel Lerzman and others. The CD stands as a compilation of Ivan's early efforts in the recording studio and contains a wide range of musical and emotional moods. The CD opens with "The Sun Is Shining", a bluegrassy rocker with a great fiddle intro. Next is "Here Come Da' Static", a funky favorite of the crowds on Bleeker Street in those years. Other standouts include the bazouki flavored "Have You Ever?", the melancholy "Pick'd" and the bluesy "Take It All Away". The band stretches out on "Turn Atlas, Turn" and settles into the plaintive groove of "I Don't Ache". The instrumental "Joe's Waltz" closes the near hour of music. The CD was recorded and mixed at several different studios in NYC and Upstate and includes at least a little bit for any acoustic/rock fan.
Tracks On Disk:

  • The Sun Is Shining
  • Here Come Da’ Static
  • Ocean Song
  • Have You Ever?
  • Don’t Freeze Me Off
  • I Don’t Ache
  • Pick’d
  • L’il Boy Down The Road
  • Turn Atlas, Turn
  • The Ozone’s Gone
  • Farewell Fugue
  • MTV
  • Nat Turner’s Final Vision
  • Song To Jesse Helms
  • Take It All The Way
  • Disappearing Man
  • Joe’s Waltz

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