MALIcool (Roswell Rudd)

Roswell Rudd's MALIcool
Universal/Sunnyside 2002

Recorded in Bamako, Mali in January 2000, Roswell teams up here with Master Korist Toumani Diabate and masters Basseko Kouyate (ngone) and Lassana Diabate (balophone) for one of the freshest and new fusions

To be released in the USA in February 2003. Here is what the critics have said in Europe:

Roswell Rudd’s MALIcool –

“The haunting beauty of the group sound is evident from the opening “Bamako”, the simplicity of its harmonies balanced by the shifting of constant cross-rhythms…The virtuosic abilities of the traditional players is given free space here, and is open to your admiration….this is something on a higher plane that listeners should relish.”
Anthony Troon, Jazz Review

“A musical work full of tenderness, at the meeting place of two worlds.”
La Voix du Nord, 19.6.02

“On MALIcool, there’s a real mutual effort to listen, to find a path to each other. And that is very rare.”
Le Nouvel Observateur, 13.6.02

“It’s a beautiful fusion….The adapataion of these Malians to Roswell Rudd’s phrasing (even on Thelonious Monk) is surprising. A very, very good record.”
La Marseillaise 2.6.02

“Now Rudd amazes us again with a fascinating west African influenced album. MALIcool documents one of the rare encounters in which there is a real fusion between Jazz and African music and not just a superficial merger.”

“Something happened between these two creators, Roswell and Toumani…Something that a thousand million polished productions, images from a tamed Africa, will never possess…And everything about this journey rests on a latent ambiguity, the precarious balance of chemistry.”
Arnaud Robert, VIBRATIONS 5/02

Tracks On Disk:

  • Bamako Roswell Rudd
  • Rosmani Toumani Diabate
  • Jackie-ing Thelonious Monk
  • All Through the Night - Traditional Welsh
  • Hank Toumani Diabate
  • Johanna Toumani Diabate
  • For Toumani Roswell Rudd
  • MALIcool Roswell Rudd
  • Sena et Mariam George Gershwin
  • Malijam L. von Beethoven

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