Verna Gillis

Folkways 1978

In the week before Easter, roads all over Haiti swell with bands of revelers, dancers, singers, percussionists, and players of bamboo and tin trumpets followed by the ubiquitous vendors of fresko (shaved ice with sweet syrup flavoring) and kleren (cheap cane liquor that provide some of the stamina needed for gruelling parades under the hot Haitian sun). These bands are led by presidents colonels, queens and other members of the complex rara band hierarchies. After preparatory rituals in the Vodou temples, they mover from house to house and from one neighborhood to another collecting money and occasionally engaging in low-level conflict with other groups. This time of year, this type of group, and this type of music is known in Haiti as rara.
Folkways 4531.
Photo by Verna Gillis
Tracks On Disk:

  • RARA
  • Notre Dame de 7 Doleurs
  • Vapeur
  • Carrefour de Fort
  • Cemetery at Bizoton
  • Tallon
  • Notre Dame de 7 Doleurs
  • TaIlon  
  • GAGA
  • Main Street of Haina
  • Lechuga
  • Andres Boca Chica
  • Elias Pina
  • Haina
  • Haina
  • Andres Boca Chica

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RARA Carnival Week in Haiti

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