SUN RA - Performance & Lecture
MATERIAL - Bill Laswell
INTERPRETATIONS OF MONK with Barry Harris, Mal Waldron, Muhal Richard Abrams, Anthony Davis, Steve Lacy, Roswell Rudd, Don Cherry, Charlie Rouse, Ed Blackwell, Ben Riley, Richard Davis, and Amiri Baraka
LATIN NEW YORK - Daniel Ponce, Paquito d'Rivera, Yomo Toro, Salsa All Stars
HELL'S KITCHEN - Ed Blackwell, Don Cherry, Odeon Pope, Brotzman/Moholo
LATIN JAZZ - Paquito d'Rivera, Jorge Dalto, JAZZ BATA with Daniel Ponce, Hilton Ruiz with George Coleman

It was always a charge to heap up to SOUNDSCAPE. SOUNDSCAPE always bristled with expectation and tension. And on most any given night, there was the sound of surprise, the fecund creativity that's compelling and maddening because a brilliant moment can only linger in the listener's imagination. Don Palmer - FRANK LOWE QUINTET. DIW-399

Verna Gillis' SOUNDSCAPE, celebrated for the adventurourness of its program policy and as we see in hindsight, it was a sounding board from what later became known as the "downtown" scene. Steve Lake, MATERIAL - DIW-389

From 1979 through 1984 producer extraordinaire Verna Gillis offered an open vista in her performance loft SOUNDSCAPE on "music from everywhere." Howard Mandel, SUN RA - DIW- 388

I've sat through thousands of jazz concerts in the course of my professional life as a New York critic. Without doubt, INTERPRETATIONS OF MONK was one of the very, very best. It was transcendent. Lee Jeske, INTERPRETATIONS OF MONK - DIW - 395-398

This magnificent afternoon and evening of music was the inspired conception of SOUNDSCAPE producer Verna Gillis. It took nearly 13 years to see commcercial release, but now we have the concert in its entirety, and as a tribute to Monk it is untouchable. Bob Blumenthal, CD Review, November, 1994

It's rare when one event substantially capture the gist of an era or a great artist's legacy, but a certain November 1981 event delineated both the emerging sensibility of the 80's with the legacy of the then-ailing Thelonious Monk. Finally issued as a four-CD set, the long anticipated documentation of INTERPRETATIONS OF MONK (****) confirms the concert's legendary status, as it is one of the most rewarding recordings of recent years. Bill Shoemaker, DOWNBEAT, November, 1994

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