Bradford Graves

Photo Gallery

  •  Jeff Goldman Gallery presents Bradford Graves
    Landscape designer Jeff Goldman represents Bradford Graves
  •  This Mirror Can Crack a Stone #19 at William Patterson University
    William Paterson University in New Jersey has #19 of Brad's This Mirror Can Crack a Stone series
  •  Poet John Taggart on Bradford Graves
    Poet John Taggart and Bradford Graves collaborated on several poetry publications
  •  Graves' Bicentennial Sculpture in Nebraska
    Bradford Graves page for the Bicentennial sculpture in Nebraska, 1976
  •  Bradford Graves Official Web Site

  •  Bradford Graves
    Studio at 549 West 52nd Street
  •  Bradford Graves - Studio - Slide Show
    These photographs were taken in Brad's studio right a week after he died/
  •  Bradford Graves Website
    Bradford Graves Sculpture Park is open for visitors in Kerhonkson, NY - Ulster County. Bradford Graves, the limestone cowboy from Wheatland, Texas was the most stoned person. His limestone sculptures are unique and powerful.

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