Photo Gallery

    Official web site of Roswell Rudd friend and collaborator, saxophonist and composer Archie Shepp.
  •  Steve Lacy's site
    Official web site of jazz artist and Roswell Rudd collaborator Steve Lacy
  •  Roswell Rudd discography
    Free Jazz Research, a site by George Scala, providing selected discograhies and links on the subject of Free Jazz, including Roswell Rudd.
  •  Axiom Records
    Bill Laswell's outstanding label
  •  Roswell Rudd on Verve Records
    The Roswell Rudd page of Verve Records, which released Archie Shepp/Roswell Rudd LIVE IN NEW YORK and the Steve Lacy Roswell Rudd Quartet MONK'S DREAN,
  •  Roswell Rudd on Knitting Factory
    Roswell Rudd page of Knitting Factory Labels which released Roswell Rudd's BROAD STROKES
  •  Roswell Rudd with Carla Bley.
    This link reflects the work that Roswell Rudd did with Carla Bley.
  •  You want to buy photo of Roswell?
    You want to buy photo of Roswell?
  •  Roswell Rudd essay by Bob Young
    An essay by Bob Young
  •  Roswell's recording with Ab Baars Trio
    Roswell's recording with the wonderful Ab Baars Trio from Amsterdam
  •  Herbie Nichols - A Book by Roswell Rudd
    Composer/pianist Herbie Nichols left many of his compositions to his friend and collaborator Roswell Rudd. This publication contains all of those compositions.
  •  Musical Magus Turns 75

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