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Roswell and I met about 4 years ago when we were both guests on A Prairie Home Companion. Realizing we had mutual friends, and lived 8 miles down the road from each other, we started getting together to play music about once a week. There was musical magic between us from the beginning, and as we continued, the music blossomed and we found a profound openness and ease with each other. Within our improvisations and harmony I felt a quality of letting go and listening that I hadn't felt before. He has inspired me deeply and I feel so lucky to have his voice and music in my ears and heart. Heather Masse
Heather and I share a particular devotion to music of the moment and we've shared some extraordinary musical moments over these years. We have the kind of sonic embrace, organic collaboration, that is rare and with Heather it is exceptional.
Rolf Sturm, the ideal guitar accompanist and stylist, has been an integral part of our living room sessions from the outset. Into the nucleus of this trio comes Mark Helias, who so expertly supplies the ingredients at the bottom.

Our musical hangs and logistics for recording in our house were made possible by Verna Gillis, an alchemist with a deep love for the music. - Roswell Rudd, Kerhonkson, NY

Recorded and Mixed by Chris Andersen
Assistant engineer Jeff Notti
Remote and Studio Audio Facilities provided by
Nevessa Production Woodstock

Produced by Verna Gillis / SOUNDSCAPE

Roswell Rudd trombone
Heather Masse vocals
Rolf Sturm guitars
Mark Helias contra bass

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