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hello people i am very excited to announce that i am done with my new cd "ivan's dream band". i have not yet printed up copies but the master sits in my apartment ready to go! this cd has been almost 5 years in the making and is the debut of my "dream band". there are 12 new songs, much more rocknroll than my previous stuff but with that old poetic folky side as well. stay tuned for more details - i will be playing dates this spring to support the release.

Additional Notes For The Curious:

What has Ivan been up to lately? Well. He has been writing lots of songs, as usual, and teaching guitar lessons in New York City. (I will change to 1st-person now. who was i trying to fool?) ...

I am really tremendously excited to put out the debut of my dream band, co-produced with Rod Sherwood. For not only will I be able to share these compositions I've sweated over all these years, but also I get to showcase these great musicians I play with.
The rhythm section on "Ivan's Dream Band" consists of Meyer Horn on drums and Roberto Ruiz on bass. I believe they play as well together as any rhythm section around. Meyer has the chops, the open mind and the compositional, melodic attitude that singer/songwriters drool over. Plus he is incredibly easy to work with and a great guy to boot. And Roberto has the subtlety and soft tone of a real artist on the bass.
There are also guest spots on the CD from Cathie Martino on vocals and Mairi Dorman on cello. These two have been a part of my musical family for years now. For those of you who don't know them - Cathie has one of the most beautiful voices I've heard. She plays her own stuff around NYC (check it out) and we've sung together for years. Mairi, originally from Scotland, is a superb cellist. She has a richness and emotionality to her playing that adds another layer to my songs. I feel very lucky to collaborate with all of these great musicians!

MORE NOTES: some of my main influences and musical/poetic inspirations ... artists that have inspired me ...

the three big ones when it comes to writing songs:

bob dylan (lyric and singing genius)
the beatles (the bible)
neil young (the vulnerability and aesthetic)

and also these and many more:

allen ginsberg (poetic /revolutionary muse)
richard thompson (a master folk/rock integrator)
nick drake (emotion, vibe and acoustic guitar)
david bowie (art pretension meets rock, and pulls it off)
henry miller (freedom from convention)
leonard cohen (master craftsmen of lyrics - check out his poetry)
doc watson (leather voice and guitar picking)
john fahey (guitar as finger-picked orchestra)
leo kotke (technical virtuosity and feeling)
nina simone (truly one of the greats ... depth of feeling, amazing singer and piano player)
stevie nicks (my first love, still can't shake it)
sam cooke (voice and one of the first great singer-songwriters)
django reinhardt (i can't play like that but i like to listen to it)
paul simon (true craftsman)
eduardo galeano (latin-american hero author)
i.b. singer (fantastic writer)
kafka (he's so ... kafkaesque)
sholem aleichem (parables from the old country)
woody allen (a forming influence)
eric bogosian (used to see all his one-man shows ... biting satire)
picasso (he gets to me)
klimt (off-center)
tori amos (i think she's great)
"remain in light" by talking heads (one of the greatest albums)
"koln concert" by keith jarrett (listened to this a million times)
toots and the maytals (still going strong)
bob marley (amazing songwriter)
jimi hendrix (sex appeal)
brad graves (my uncle, great visual artist)
frederick seidell (great poet)
i'll add more later, or not

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