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Roswell Rudd & Yomo Toro – El Espiritu Jibaro

“El Espiritu Jibaro’s unique sound results directly from the musical challenges invented by Rudd and Toro’s collaboration. Rudd dives head first into Latin music, bringing his established improvisational prowess into Caribbean and South American rhythmic structures. Toro stretches beyond the Latin music world, bouncing the established tradition off Rudd’s creativity and seeing what comes back. Their combined artistic risks result in new, interesting, and in some respects, challenging music. Rudd and Toro fearlessly stretch their musicality and confirm that together they hold strength in their differences and creativity in their meeting.”

“What's most rewarding about " El Espirito Jibaro" is that it indicates that Mr. Rudd is continuing to find inspiring new collaborators. The music on El Espiritu Jibaro," is completely resistant to categorization. That's a good thing.”

Will Friedwald, The New York Sun July 26, 2007
“Yomo Toro is generally recognized as the greatest living exponent of the guitar-like Puerto Rican cuatro and I find Toro's nimble fingering so novel and refreshing…and a Roswell Rudd album is starting to amount to a one-man Nonesuch Explorer series.”
Frances Davis, Village Voice August 7, 2007
“A work of genius, a full throated shout of appreciation and interest and pleasure. Amazing.
Highly Recommended. (Peter Watrous, 2008-04-23)

“Joining up with Yomo Toro is as natural for Rudd as joining up with Archie Shepp - the man LISTENS and finds a way to fit in with whomever…Puerto Rican born Toro is a master of the tres, a three-strings-doubled guitar-like instrument and he and Ros have a lovely time embarking on an exploration of musics where jazz overlaps with something else – tango, cumbia, danzon, merengue, bolero, guaracha, son, mambo, even a touch of African American gospel. All tunes are originals by the principles and the band for each is specifically tailored to each tune: e.g. Bobby Sanabria & Ascension are in tow for the appropriate material, while the rest of the gamut runs from chamber tango quintet to solo tres. Another sparkling and challenging effort from Uncle Ros that is highly recommended for our broad-minded readers. A keeper.”
Peter B. Lowry

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