Roswell Rudd & Yomo Toro

Roswell Rudd & Yomo Toro - El Espiritu Jibaro

"El Espiritu Jibaro's unique sound results directly from the musical challenges invented by Rudd and Toro's collaboration. Rudd dives head first into Latin music, bringing his established improvisational prowess into Caribbean and South American rhythmic structures. Toro stretches beyond the Latin music world, bouncing the established tradition off Rudd's creativity and seeing what comes back. Their combined artistic risks result in new, interesting, and in some respects, challenging music. Rudd and Toro fearlessly stretch their musicality and confirm that together they hold strength in their differences and creativity in their meeting."

"What's most rewarding about " El Espirito Jibaro" is that it indicates that Mr. Rudd is continuing to find inspiring new collaborators. The music on El Espirito Jibaro," is completely resistant to categorization. That's a good thing."

Will Friedwald, The New York Sun July 26, 2007

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